Motor not responding

i look at the other similar topic and i do not have the exact same problem.
i finally just finish my farmbot, but mt motor does not respond, i got all the connection working, it look like i got good voltage, wifi is connected everything is green i could see it on my computer or my phone
but the motor does not respond, what am i doing wrong?


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What error message do you get in the logs?

thanks for your quick reply
no error

What electronics and hardware are you using?
If you are not getting an error message, do you get a success message or any other relevant logs?
Does the position update to the new position?
Which version of FarmBot OS are you using?

raspberry pi 3 model b
yes always success
on the computer or phone we see the number moving but the machine does nothing.

ps i am a cnc seller and programmer in Canada, with my experience i see all the motors does not look in, it look like i don t have any power going to them

Are you using an Arduino or the Farmduino? Do you have the correct firmware for the board selected in the Device widget?

Arduino or the Farmduino even when i switch them it does nothing

Which one of those two boards do you have?

i don t know there is a picture, i see the raspberry ver 1.2

if i look in the status diagnostic i see Raspberry pi Arduino connected

Thanks, pictures are helpful. You are using the Arduino, so you will want to have the Arduino firmware selected.

When you mentioned you had good voltage, was that at the green power input to the board (behind your index finger in the photo)?

yes very small led green on

on the blue board yes, on the red board i do not know where is a green led, if there is one

Ok. Do you have the power wires connected from the power supply to the large green connector, and the red board firmly attached to the blue board?

thanks thanks thanks, this was the problem i did not push the red board all the way in on the blue board

i just have to set all the motor the right way now
one more thing the Z axis goes up and down but i do not have any data on my screen and it will not stop, i have to do a e stop to stop it, but the 2 other axis very good i just have to set the x axis in the same position.

thanks again for your time
very good service