Motor setting section is disabled. and motor does not move

I don’t use encode and endstop now, The motor does not move and the motor setting is disabled.
What’s wrong I did? how to troubleshoot it?

fixed, the arudino does not install propertly.
it’s fixed after reconfiguring farmos

i have the same problem with my web app. as well as my both x1 and x2 motors continue as i power on my farmbot. i dont understand what is wrong. i also emailed the probem to but i dint get any reply
i am not using encoders
i have reconfigured the farmbot os 10-15 times now
setup the arduino firmware 10-15 times automatically with farmbot os as well as manually
i dont know what is wrong please help me out
thanks in advance

Can you tell what exactly is not working? Is your hardware widget looking the same as shown in this first post?