Motors No Longer Working

Logged into my Farmbot account on Monday and tried to run sequences that have been running for many months. Those sequences no longer moved the system. When attempting to move the system in any direction, no movement occurred. Could see the command was sent and that repeated attempts were made - but no movement. Other externals seem to function well.

Any idea why ALL the motors suddenly stop responding? Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot this problem?

Do you feel any kind of feedback from the motors, like a stutter or a noise?
How is the controls widget behaving when you try to move an axis? Are encoder positions displayed and are they changing when you push an axis by hand?

Means that you toggled peripherals like vacuum or water valve and they were working?

Thanks for the reply. I installed this system (v1.3) at a middle school a year ago and using it without major incident throughout that time. School experienced a power outage last week which disrupted internet connectivity. System was reconnected, after which we could no longer get the stepper motors to work.

Externals all function when commands are sent (camera, watering tool, vacuum pump, etc.). Indicates the raspberry is working and that the externals portion of the Farmduino is functional

A commands sent to any stepper motor does not result in movement or any noise, stutter, etc. You can see the attempts to move to new position in the dialogue and as well in the position box when attempting a Move Amount command. There’s simply no communication from Farmduino to steppers.


The only thing that comes to my mind is that the firmware in the Device widget is not properly set. Could you check if the proper setting is selected (Farmduino (Genesis v1.3))? The device is running on the latest stable version (v7.0.1) right?

Yes - we are using the latest firmware v7.0.1 and Genesis v1.3.

Re-checked our settings against those in your documentation and ensured settings were correct.

New development - when giving a Move Amount command, the system indicates “Move Complete” but the system did not move. This is the same result regardless of which axis - system believes the move was completed but no actual movement occurred.

Believe others have experienced this issue and so hoping you have a solution.


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Assistance Please - still not able to get motors to move, even though system indicates “Move Complete” when a Move Amount command is given. This occurs regardless of which axis the Move Amount command is directed – the system reports “Move Complete” even though no movement took place.

What troubleshooting suggestions can you offer?

@JWells Sorry to hear that you are having issues. This sounds like a possible hardware issue. I will run it by the team on Monday to see if they have any ideas. If you could, please send me your account email via private message (we do not need a password- please do not send). Additionally, we just released FarmBot OS v8 a few hours ago. I am not certain this is a software issue, but running the latest version of FBOS will help us troubleshoot the issue more efficiently. Thanks.