Movement errors

I’ve been trying to get our Farmbot up and running for a while now and everything was fine. Until I updated to Farmbot OS v6.4.11 and the Farmduino Genisis v1.4

Since then all of my encoders are out, every time i make a relative movement with the web apps controlls it seems to rezero the farmbots possition and doesn’t let me enter negative values.

I’ve been using the 1/4 step micro stepping and the values still look good.

When I try to send farmbot to home on each of the axis it gets to the end but continues to move in the axis direction.

When I try to calibrate farmbot drives in the negative direction of each axis.

I was so excited to have my sequences up and running but now I can’t make farmbot acuratly move a millimetre.

Happy to hear from the brains trust.

Hello @LiamBTS

Do you see the encoder value changing if you push any axis by hand?
Did you choose the right firmware in your device widget (Farmduino v.1.4)?

Doesn’t register any change when I manualy move the unit.
Currently in v1.4

Have also found that disengaging the encoders allows us to control farmbot but means all my sequences which relied on encoder control to move safely are broken.

So just to be sure, your “FIRMWARE” dropdown bar looks like this:

By disengaging you mean that you plug it off from the farmduino board?

Could you add your hardware settings from the device tab? You can copy them if you click on the button that is circled in the picture below, select everything inside and copy it here.


I’ve had to turn off encoders for positioning, calibration & homing

Have you tried unplugging the power supply and plugging it back in? That will attempt to reset the firmware.

Also see the FAQ topic about encoders. If moving the motors by hand didn’t provide encoder feedback, you will want to try the solutions for encoders not working.

Yeah I’ve done a full power cycle with no improvement.
I’ll check out the link now.

Farmduino (Gensisi v1.4v) seems to have broken the movement of my farmbot.
v1.3 shows me the encoder and motor coordinates where v1.4 does not.
However neither allow me to use encoders for movement.

As mentioned in the encoder troubleshooting FAQ, the FIRMWARE selection needs to match your FarmBot hardware. If you selected Farmduino (Genesis v1.3) and see non-zero encoder position values, then Farmduino (Genesis v1.3) is the correct selection for your hardware.

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Yeah, I picked picked up that one. Cheers
however now the farmbot has been stuck in “Trying to emergency lock firmware before powerdown” for the last week