MQTT Client died

Hello everyone,

since a few days i’m getting this error:

I’m not sure to what kind of software this error belongs to. Also I am not sure when this started coming up (maybe OS 3.1.2?)
This comes up several times a day but the bot always boots up again instantly,

What may be important is, that this started when I was using I tried using but its still there.
Anyone seen this before? :slight_smile:

@Ascend Thanks for letting us know about this issue. @connor will investigate the issue today.

@Ascend good catch. That big ugly message is actually nothing to worry about. Farmbot Refreshes its token every 6 hours and restarts things like MQTT.

I will throw a filter for that message so it doesnt make it to the frontend.

Just to be sure:
You dont have to do anything to make the bot come back online correct?

@RickCarlino @connor
Thank you both for your time.
Alright this sounds great, was just worried because I’ve never seen this before.

And yes @connor, I don’t need to do anything. Farmbot comes up after like 30sec and does what he is supposed to do. I even had this thing coming up in the middle of a sequence. Farmbot stopped and after it was completely booted the sequence was continued.

If this will get filtered, I don’t think that it’s needed to be added in the wiki. :slight_smile:

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