Mqtt logs label


I have the mqtt connection working with node-red. When i sent a comment its possible to sent a label with the command. I want to use the logs to check of a action is successful finished. But in the logs i don’t see the label so i can’t related them easily based on the label. Is there a way to make the label visible in the mqtt logs or is there some other reference id?



Are you referring to the request label section of the documentation?

After sending a command,

{ kind: "rpc_request", args: { label: "my_command_id" },
    body: [{ kind: "take_photo", args: {} }] }

you should see a response with the same label:

{ kind: "rpc_ok", args: { label: "my_command_id" } }

Yes but this is the message of the request was succesfull. I mean /logs message that’s comes back. This shows the real result after processing if i’m right? Here i see no labels.

Currently the only response message that includes the RPC label is the RPC response. Log messages will not include the RPC label, but that is a feature we will consider adding in the future.