Multiple log ins for same account?

Hi, I’m working with students. We would like for them to be able to build different sequences at the same time. Is it problematic for the account to have multiple log ins at the same time like this? is there a way to have different log ins on the same account and then wait til the Farmbot is connected to sync?


Although the system was not designed for this, I don’t think it will cause any problems. The data should update in realtime. In the long term, we hope to eventually add a “workspace” concept for teams and classes to collaborate.

I do not forsee this feature being released in the near term, but there are ways to work collaboratively in the current version of the Web App:

  • Disabling the auto-sync feature will reduce the risk of error.
  • Ensure that only one student edits a sequence at a time (perhaps by putting the student’s initials in the sequence name to avoid confusion). Two students can edit two sequences concurrently, given that they do not edit the same sequence at the same time.

The web app follows a “last write wins” approach when there are multiple saves to a sequence. This means that if student 1 accidentally makes changes to student 2’s sequence, all of student 2’s work will be lost.

If the data loss risk is too high, you could mitigate the risk by telling students to work on a local copy and saving a version of it when they finish:

  • Student clicks the “copy” button on the sequence they were editing the previous day. (Ex: “Sequence A, version 1”)
  • Student makes local changes without saving.
  • When they finish editing, save the new sequence as “Sequence A, version 2”.
  • Update FarmEvents and Regimens to use “version 2”
  • Discard the old “version 1” sequence by clicking the delete button.

This is less than ideal but would eliminate the risk of accidental overwrites.

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