Mycology with Farmbot

Have there been any tests in using this within a sterile enclosure for different mushroom varieties?

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Not yet, but I think that will be a really cool application of FarmBot! The device could also control the environment (fans, misters, heaters, etc)

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This is of interest to me! (posting so that i get notifications :wink: )

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Permaculture methods welcome mushrooms to increase productivity of the trees and soil. This could be relevant?

Mycelium Running gives a few different species which are easy to grow in a non sterile environment which could be grown amongst other plants in the FarmBot system by users who like to grow mushrooms in garden beds

Mushroom identification by machine learning using visual data alone would be impossible as they can be so varied

Maybe this idea I present isn’t feasible, although if the user were knowledgeable enough to trust their identification skills then perhaps the software could optionally avoid ‘weeding’ mushrooms by identifying a growth as being a mushroom as distinct from a plant weed giving people the opportunity to grow mushrooms alongside vegetables