Neccesary CAD Files for V.09 (ordering)

I’m wondering specifically which CAD files we will need to use to 3D Print or order 3D Prints and plates for V.09? There seems to be duplicate, missing, and/or strangely named files for the FarmBot Genesis CAD files in google drive for V.08 and I’m unsure how to continue ordering. Are the files for V.08 compatible with V.09? I’m hoping to make this as simple as possible by organizing all the files needed for the order into one folder. As far as I can understand, 3D plastic can be ordered from Shapeways and metal plates from Big Blue Saw, but these require the correct files? Please let me know Asap.

Thank you!

To answer my own question, the necessary CAD files can be found in V.08 Manufacturing files folder. All 3D printed plastic files and Metal Plates/Brackets in a Waterjet layout file(metal sheet cutout print) can be found in this folder. I’m still unsure if all the files can be used for V.09 however? I have ordered all the parts and I’m printing the 3D plastic now.

Hey there! sorry for the delayed response - I have been on a vacation the last week.

The major changes from V0.8 to 0.9 are to the plates and some 3D printed parts. See this section of the docs:

While I wouldn’t say that the 8 parts are compatible with the 9 parts, 8 hardware works quite well for the small scale devices so you shouldn’t have a problem with things working.

I haven’t yet uploaded the 9 part files online. But I’ll do that shortly and share them here…

Aok. I have everything else ordered, ready to 3D print and get plates cut. Will begin building supporting infrastructure very soon. I’m looking forward to working more with you brother, thanks!

Alright, took a while to get it up, but here they are! All of the .stl files are for 3D printing, and the .dxf files are for the plates.

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