Need some feedback from experienced users


we are considering building our own bot to use here in Norway, but its a rather large investment so wanted to check a bit with you the community before we start out.
Do people have any information about using this system over a long time? How does it perform, does it work ? Anyone have any experience regarding having it indoors instead of outdoors, does it work better/worse? How is this community, is it a large active group ?
Are there any other similar systems out there ?

any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:


Hey Morten, happy to reply and give you some more insights, as I am running the bot since spring last year…

The FB is definitely something for people who would like to play around with this technology. It is not completely outdoor safe as you would expect from a product which is “mature”. It might work (as mine did, but I stored it dry during the winter season), but there is a lot of possible failure scenarios…

Currently it can only be used for full automatic watering with a set amount of water for each plant. The intelligence is currently completely at the beginning, because you need to program everything on your own. So you would need to measure moisture of the soil and then depending on if clauses decide how much water you give each and every seedling.

If you would like to chat more, join our slack channel and we can have a more active chat on this topic ;=)


getting an invite to the chat would be very welcome, could you send one to me at

@Joberk could you send an invite? you are currently managing the slack channel…?

I’d love to receive an invite, too! Thank you guys!

Hi! I too, live in Norway, and I’m looking to build and run a farmbot here in the “icy arctic climate of the viking north”… Actually it’s not that bad… :stuck_out_tongue:
I’d like to join the slack channel too, so please get me an invite to !

If you’re still on the project @Morten, maybe we can share our experiences…? :slight_smile:

All the best,

We need an e-mail address, please send a PM

It’s right there… :slight_smile: