Negative Z Axis needed for Weeder and Sensor

By default my zero axis is just slightly above ground level. When using my Weeder or Soil Sensor Tools I need to go to negative coordinates so that the tools actually go into the ground. I cannot move my Z access beyond zero into any negative values (I was able to do this before I did my software update) I have the latest update of 10.1.2. Any help on how I do this would be greatly appreciated. I don’t have any limit switches on.

@socalrob, can you check to see if STOP AT HOME or STOP AT MAX are enabled for the z-axis? We’ve been trying to track down an issue for a few weeks now where sometimes some hardware settings get inadvertently changed during an OS update, firmware flash, firmware restart, or some combination of. It is possible that one of these settings got changed on you, which would prevent your z-axis from traveling past the 0 point.

Hi Rory,
I appreciate your responding so quickly!
I’ve attached a screen shot of my settings. Stop at Home and Stop at Max are NOT enabled for the z-axis. Any other ideas?