Nema 17 Stepper Motor

Thanks, which steppers and encoders did you end up using?

Unfortunately because stepper motors with rotary encoders are somewhat of a custom thing, it will be difficult for anyone to get the units at a decent cost unless ordering a large quantity. We anticipate opening up our full online shop after we ship the pre-order kits in February and will be selling “Motor Kits” which will include the motors, encoders, and cables of the right length and connectors for FarmBot for those who want to build the rest of the machine on their own but are having a hard time finding affordable motors of the right spec.

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I’m looking forward to the online shop, other than the motors i’m hoping you’ll also do a programmed raspery pi, arduino and RAMPs shield kit as well? I think if we can get those bits off you getting the bulky parts locally will be easier and will keep costs low. It would be great if you add that if it wasn’t already on the books!


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Cool, thanks for the feedback. We’re going to try offering not only every part individually, but packaged up into convenient kits too. Heads up: we probably won’t have the shop up and running until around April because we need to focus first on delivering the full kits and incorporating feedback into our design for production run #2

Could you please share the motor link? Thanks.

We’ve pushed back opening up our online shop to July as that’s when we’ll be receiving the production run #2 kits, and the shop inventory.

Cool. but I´m working on a project and we need to assembly our farmbot before july… Congrats for the project.

Could you help me out where to find NEMA 17 stepper motors with Rotary Encoders? or Rotary Encoders only?

That depends on your Location! If you want to use the encoders which are also part of the original farmbot Kit, then you can buy them directly from usdigital. The partnumber is: E4T-200-197-D-H-M-B


Thanks @volkc. Is there any complete kit available online containing both NEMA 17 Stepper motors with Rotary Encoder? similar used in Farmbot?


Until now i haven’t seen any. @roryaronson said, that they will start providing such motor kits via their new online shop in july.


Do you think that those motors are suitable ?

did u ever find out if you could use thos steper motors ?

To increase the stability I want to use four motors, how do I extend it?How to control it?

Aren’t you already using 4 motors? The X direction already uses two motors, unless you are using a FarmBot design earlier than v1.1.

I have four motors installed, but I don’t know how to control two X motors. I only know that I control an X, Y, Z.

I can not find rotary encoder for nema 17, it is not like farmbot’s motor. Because i try to build a farmbot for myself. Tks

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@xiaorong The Arduino firmware from FarmBot uses X, Y, Z and E0 to control 4 motors. X is used for X1 motor (short cable) and E0 is used for X2 motor (cable across the gantry to the other side).

I’m thinking on buying those ones.
Did they work?

you can have a look at this site:
all my stepper motors for 3d printer are from this site.