New concept idea : Round Garden FarmBot

Was thinking if you flip a ladder on it horizontal side find the centrer balance point
the ladder is every thing from support structure to the running rails for the 2x 55l water drumbs that house are hardware plus a few extras to help keep plants alive in arias that may be undergoing a water shortage

you could make a round garden farmbot
a few hardware and software tweaks to better suite round gardens.

the round farmbot is more suited to small scale (plant pot) upto 10 ~ 15 round garden meters (20 meters is pushing it)
but the round farmbot it gives a very compact farmbot and can have a few extra on board features making it more in one

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This one makes its own water due to a onboard Atmospheric water generator

We use the hot side throw a 1st rad matrix loop to Drive up the DEW point temp of incoming air
Then we use the cold side throw a 2nd rad matrix loop to make a very cold surface below the air dew point and extract the humidity out of it it > we get water

This one also Talks to the MPPT to find out PV Voltage + PV Amprage + Battery Voltage and Amperage
it also allows it to track and follow the sun to max the capture

Good luck! Nice idea