New FarmBot long for shipping?

I ordered a Farmbot kit on December 29, 2017. I haven’t received any communication about when it will ship. I know in the past you would collect orders and ship them all at a date in the future. Is that the case?

Yes, that is correct. As shown on the checkout and product description pages, the v1.4 pre-orders are expected to ship in May. If you want a FarmBot sooner, we can change your order to a v1.3 kit and have it shipped within two weeks. However, we have a very limited number of those kits remaining, so let me know asap if you would like to do this or keep your order as-is. Thanks!

I can wait for the v1.4 to arrive. Thanks!

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Any update on shipping time? I’m waiting rather impatiently by now :slight_smile:

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We have requested an update or a refund

Hey @LetoAtreides, we’re still manufacturing the v1.4 kits and are now looking at shipping in the beginning of July (about 5 weeks later than expected back in December). If you have any inquiries/change requests about your specific order, you can email

@uacinc, we’ve responded to your request. Please note that you previously direct messaged @discobot, the forum robot which helps onboard new forum users and does not provide customer support. Any future requests for customer service should be directed to our support email,, where you’ll reach a real person.

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Did you ever receive your Farmbot??? I ordered my Farmbot Express in July of last year. Originally it was supposed to ship in November. Then it was delayed to December. Then it was delayed until January. Now it is being delayed until February. Has ANYONE actually received a Farmbot Express???

We have not received ours either and have asked for a refund.

I’m in the same situation: Ordered Express XL July 2019, Planned delivery for October, December, February and we’re in March and still nothing sent.

Anyone from the July preorder that got delivered?
What is the process for the refund?

@ChrisVigny you likely need to mention @roryaronson for attention to your situation . . This post does that for you :heavy_check_mark:

Well I contacted them by mail and got information already. I was just asking the community.