New to Farmbot as of today need help

When the Z axis moves, it will move down but will not move up and sends error code of CSFailed:[move_absolute]-: firmware_error. Any ideas to assist would be greatly appreciated.

What hardware and electronics are you using?
What are your settings?

A first step to troubleshoot the issue would be to plug the z-axis motor cable into the y-axis driver on the board and see if it moves properly in both directions (assuming the y-axis works properly and encoders and any STOP AT settings are disabled).

Thanks for the quick reply. Plugging the Z-axis into the Y-axis does go up and down. I used 10mm increments to be safe. We are using the supplied hardware for the Genesis 1:3. To answer the settings questions, I am trying to figure this out

Done! It works with the Y-axis. Does this mean there is an issue with the Z-axis?

I assume you made sure encoders and any STOP AT settings are disabled for the z-axis. You can also try plugging the y-axis motor cable into the z-axis driver on the board. What is the behavior when you try to move up and down in the web app? Does it make noise and try to move?

The first attempt to move the z-axis it started but sent an error code. After that, it will not even start the motor thus sending an error code.

Maybe I misunderstood your first email but I did switch the connections of X and Y on the board.

No settings have been adjusted differing from default settings. I have not gotten that far yet.

What is the error code?

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The error code was listed in the opening post.

Which FarmBot OS version are you running? (Device page > Device widget > FarmBot OS)

Are there any more log messages before or after that error?

We are using Genesis v1.3. The only error is the one that I have posted and I have not tried to raise the Z-axis in fear of breaking anything.

I did find another possible version if the previous one did not help. It is F01ADBBB. I am still struggling with this issue. Could this be a circuit board issue or programming issue?

Can you navigate to the Device page and provide the contents of the FARMBOT OS row of the Device widget? You should see Version ____.

I at this time can not log into the farmbot io due to some reason. I am sending a screenshot of what I see and maybe offer suggestions.

I am back online now. The version that was downloaded is 6.0.1. However, Yesterday in order to get the farmbot back online the Micro SD card had to be reflashed as somehow version 6.1.2 was on it. I do not know how this happened as I have the system set to not auto update. I also had to delete the account and reestablish the log in. This morning, I had to unplug the farmbot and restart the system to be able to log into the controls. No idea why this is happening either. I am still experiencing the same issue with the z-axis. I receive a code of “cs failed Firmware error”. The max speed is set to 350,Homing speed to 50,Min speed50,Accelerate 350,steps per mm. I am also sending a photo of the error message that we received causing us to have to redo everything.

Can anyone tell me why this may have happened or how to prevent it?

Do you have encoders enabled?

Encoders are enabled. I have not done anything with them as they are in the default settings.
With the other issues mentioned above I have not had a chance to look at them yet.

Have you tried moving the z-axis with encoders disabled?