New to Farmbot as of today need help

I just tried this three times. It appears to struggle and goes the opposite direction

Ok, the next troubleshooting step (since plugging the y-axis into the z-axis exhibits the same behavior) is to switch the stepper motor driver. You can try taking out the z-axis driver and replacing it with the aux motor driver.

As I mentioned earlier, I was asked to plug the Z axis into the Y Axis. When I did this there were not issues and it went up and down. I will try the aux motor driver

The aux motor driver will not allow me to plug both z axis cables into it. It only has one plug capability

Good Morning,

My name is John. I am the Districts electrician, I have been brought in to assist in troubleshooting the problems that are occurring with the farmbot. I have done several troubleshooting ideas to narrow down the issue. I have used the z axis cables to control other motors and have had success with them working. I have also swapped the cables in the controller to verify that it is not a board issue. The issue we are still having the up motion in the z axis. It will not raise. In troubleshooting I noticed and ratcheting sound coming from the housing of the z axis motor. It sounds similar to a cog stripping gears or not fully engaging the gears. I have a couple of questions. The first is, are the gears in the motor nylon or some form of plastic, if so that would explain the noise I heard. My second question is how do we get a motor to replace the z axis motor? I think this would alleviate the problem. I would appreciate a prompt response so we can move forward with this project and have it operational before the end of the school year.

Thank you

If the meaning was
"plug the Z axis [motor] into the Y Axis [on the board]. When I did this there were not issues and [the z-axis] went up and down"
then it sounds like the z-axis motor is fine.

If so, and since plugging the y-axis motor into the z-axis on the board exhibits the same behavior on the y-axis as it did on the z-axis, I still recommend: