Newbie in sweden!

some questions, is there a place io can find the 3d files in printable formats?
and some of the custom brackets can i make them by myself´?

i want to cut costs, here in Sweden its not possible to order things like that. and also i dont want to order the full kit, for 3100usd, i have all the electronics.

and i have a 3d printer and other project using steppers, but what are the ROTARY ENCODERS used for?


You can find a link to the files at the top of the bill of materials page located at:

The encoders are used for accuracy of the bot. In the alpha 1 version you can use the not without encoders.

I have, a 3d printer and but thay dosent use the encounter, so why does the farmbot, can i run it in full operation without them?

and is there i can buy the brackets/plates as a kit?


Yes, you can run FarmBot without encoders, though like your 3D printer if it messes up and misses steps for some reason (gets caught on a plant) then the machine will have no way of knowing and will continue on like nothing is wrong.

We only offer full kits right now, though anticipate offering partial kits in the future. If you just want some parts made, you will need to either make them yourself or pay someone else to do it.