Newbie introduction

Completely random set of events that landed me at farmbot. One of my girlfriends friends posted a link that just happened to hit the day she was planting our garden. (4 4x4 square foot style beds).

I envisioned something like this when I set the beds a couple years ago. However, this entire setup is amazing!

To see something like this in such an advanced stage struck me to the core.

My profession is in software. My passion is in building/making. My heart is in my stomach, and raised on “real food”. This will be awesome!

A new 3D printer kit is on order, arrives Monday. My plans for building a custom delta out the window. The ramps and mega I purchased for that project are going to my farmbot. McMaster order is saved. I’ll hit up the local metal shop this weekend. Try my hand at making the plates before ordering from bluesaw.

Shooting for a 4’ by 18’ setup on the first pass. Once that one is producing, I’ll finish the migration and setup the second 4x18 row as a farmbot.

Anyone try milling the polycarbonate for the wheels?

Looking for an excuse to fast forward a lathe purchase. :slight_smile: make my own wheels, spacers and eccentrics for fun and experience.

Wow, that’s awesome to hear that you’re jumping right into this! Let me know if you need any help. And if you go ahead and produce all those parts yourself, please share some photos and any advice you have here in the forum!

Also, I just added this “Shopping List” to the docs last night. Might help you with purchasing things:

Best of luck!