Newie configurator question

Hi - my son is part of a FarmBot project at his college. He got the software part of the project. He can’t get the configurator to connect. The college has a network that requires both a userid and password for Internet access. Is this doable?


hi zardoz

I think it’s not easily doable by his side
I guess you are talking about some captive portal at his college (the device which authenticate users) like the one you can find in many company and which ask for login/password at connection time through a web browser

Usually, there are some whitelist mechanisms on captive portals

Your son should ask the sys admin about any whitelist mechanisms, and then if the sysadmin use the classical mac adress whitelist, your son will have to identify the wireless mac address of the raspberry and give it to the sysadmin so that he can add the mac address to a whitelist and the farmbot won’t need to authenticate anymore