Next shipping date? (Greeting from China)

Dear all,
My friend and I are running a small but lovely organic farm in the suburb of Shanghai China. We sublease the allotments to customers who want to get healthy food and enjoy farming in the weekends. Now we offer our customers mobile application for real-time monitoring, status checking, interaction with farmers. We want to improve the automation level of our farm by leveraging machine learning techs and farmbot is a very good starting point. I am evaluating the product and trying to get purchase approvement from the investors. Does anyone know that how long it would take from pre-order to shipment? Many thanks!

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We expect to ship v1.3 devices at the end of July. Shipping to China and getting through customs can take up to two weeks.

Hello CEO,
Thank you for the response. Have you shipped to China before, are we have to be a company to buy this product? Have you sold to any individual in China? Our company does not hold any import certification so far, and we are trying to figure out the process. I really appreciate your suggestion. Thank you.

Yes, we have shipped to China before. You can be either a company, organization, or individual to order from us, though you should check with your customs office to make sure you are allowed to import.

Thank you! I really appreciate your support. After consulting China customs, we still did not figure out a feasible solution. Have you delivered to the individual customer in China before? Is Farmbot is a unsplittable product? Otherwise, we need to prepare a list of its parts.


We have delivered to customers in China before. Unfortunately though we cannot split up the packages any further. You can prepare a list of its parts by looking at the Bill of Materials.

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