No Buttons on local Server

Hi Guys,

I got my local Server running and ready for the field. It has an internet connection and I can login.
But for some reasons - I don’t understand, there are none of those buttons that should be on the web-app.
So no add plants button, none of the calibration buttons/field, none on the farmware page and none in the settings.
How can I get this buttons there? I am using edge as a browser which works fine when I am using the official farmbot server.

I just saw, it also says invalid date on my local server. Maybe this is connected to the missing buttons issue?
Also Version says “none” which should be different I guess

I also opened an issue, as I think it does more relate to github. So for others to find the solution faster, I’ll crosslink:

Using chrome is the solution. Even when Edge is working fine on the public server… on the local copy everything seems fine in chrome.

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