No calibration x,y

Hey Guys,

i cant calibrate the x ,y axis - bot just don’t move and set Axis Length too 0
when i give command in controls, everything is going well.
does anyone have any idea?



Did you try lower speed settings? They seem to be a bit high if you don’t use microstepping …
Afaik the MINIMUM SPEED stands for calibration and homing speed.

Also try to enable higher log levels in the Logs section. You can set it by clicking on the FILTERbutton next to the gear on the top right. Then you will probably get more information of what’s happening.

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I tried. does not work. :frowning:

That’s the log again.

sorry, it works

I have to set the speed down too 50 and not only 400-300.
Thank y again Ascend.