No more access to

Running 5.0.6

Until yesterday I was able to login to only with Firefox, today no more access and this message :

Something went wrong!
We hit an internal error while rendering this page.
We have been notified of the issue and will investigate a solution shortly.

In the mean time, you can try the following:

Refresh the page and log in again.
Send the error information (below) to our developer team via the FarmBot software forum. Including additional information (such as steps leading up to the error) help us identify solutions more quickly.
{“message”:“e[t] is undefined”,“stack”:“n@\n”}

Are you able to open the app in a Chrome incognito tab?

Today, with out doing anything, no more notifications, I’m having access through Firefox and Chrome. Safari no access, it always returns to login page.

leier; We went several months with the inability to connect to my farmbot. Working with Rory and never found out what was wrong. It did correct and I ended up doing three things. .1. be sure your Arduino USB is connected: I within a short time of things correcting noticed my usb / arduino / rpi3 connection began showing lights under the config…ETH checked. 2. My router serving my several computers and the farmbot… We turned off WMF. This allows (Windows message forwarding). between the wireless ports and the rj45 ports. It is mainly used for graphics and has some limitations. 3. First Rory in calif. told us that he was able to login to my farmbot in Vermont. Then my co-worked in another state installed his own rpi3 and arduino and ran a configator and he was able to login and run my Farmbot. Then Leaving my Farmbot on over six hours I was able to login.

I believe that the problem had something to do with the info the is first sent with every packet. Are you aware that some protocols only have one message sent and others have four back and forth messages.
FTP (file transfer protocol ) has four steps. (Hello are you there) (yes i am here)Here is a Packet) (got it, next) This is why it is so good at transferring a file and what is sent. Many video’s send only one type of packet with three possibilities within (I), § (B) . (what has moved on the screen and what hasn’t).( the not moved is much smaller and faster). So most of the picture can arrive without any error checking and errors can be ignored.


This definition above is a start using what I am describing in a different way, but my time is gone/
So this is as far as we got after several months. Somehow we (using another rpi3 and arduino at a different site) reconfigured some table somewhere that passes info. I apologize for any errors I have submitted to you, but we know how frustrating this can be.