No motors are moving or being powered (bad drivers or motors?)

Recently I have been having trouble making any of the motors move from commands or even be powered, when I first built the farmbot all motors were being powered and the X and Y axis moved flawlessly while the Z axis struggled to move upwards.
First, I swapped out the z axis motor thinking it was broken but the problem persisted so I then tried to adjust the voltage of the stepper motor.
I can’t fully remember if my x and y axis started acting up before or after adjusting the tuning screw but all of a sudden none of the axis want to move at all.
Foolishly I did accidently put too much pressure on the tuning screw today for the z axis somehow and it broke so I swapped my z axis stepper driver with the aux stepper driver.
My vacuum pump still turns on from the command window also and the board is being powered.
I have attached pictures of the stepper drivers if anyone has a solution on how to properly adjust the voltage (The voltage adjusting steps on the forums is for the old board) and also check to see if the drivers are busted, I have ordered a new set of drivers just incase they are the root cause of the problem.
Thanks in advance for anyone’s help!

I’d start by replacing the stepper drivers first since they are cheaper. It look like you are using pololu 4988 steppers. ($6 for 5 steppers) I’ve burnt out a driver or two in my day. Here is a video on setting driver voltage. Don’t just crank it. Its not needed for the most part. You may have actually burnt your driver out if you don’t have the correct tools. You need a ceramic screw driver.