No network between FB and Computer

Hi all,
I don’t know what’s happen … I present the FarmBot during an event till this morning but don’t have any network between the computer and the Farmbot ???
Thanks for your help,

@Stephane Connectivity problems are the most difficult problem to fix, so we will need more information to be able to help you.

  • What version of FBOS is the device running?
  • When did the device last work?
  • If the device worked previously, was it on the same network or a different network than before?
  • Are you running the device on a corporate network with firewalls, proxies or any other special configuration?
  • What does the connectivity panel show? A screenshot is most helpful.

If you have an urgent need to get the device connected for an event, the best option may be to re-flash the SD with the latest version of FarmBot and use a mobile hot spot, if the problem is indeed caused by the local network.

Hi Rick,thanks for your answer,
We are in France, here are my answer …
Version : 1.3
last work : one day before
the Farmbot moved in a different town with another network
I don’t know what network it is (firewalls ? proxies …) it’s a network open for this event (not by us) and for every exhibition sites here
sorry for the screenshot, I do it tomorrow
the rapsberry shows a red light and a green flashing light
thanks for your help, I try tomorrow with the latest version

the Farmbot moved in a different town with another network

Most likely, the network at the event does not allow access to the ports you require. Please send this document to the IT staff for the event:

If they are unable to open the ports, you may need to find an alternative way of connecting to the internet, such as a 4G WiFi hotspot.