No WiFi connection after update to farmbot

Our school Farmbot automatically installed an update this week. It will no longer connect to wifi after the update. Really wanting to get it running so the kids can plant crops next week. Any suggestions?

Do you have a enterprise network connection?

Yes, we do. Thanks!

Is that an issue? We were able to establish connection before the update.

Yes, we do have an enterprise network connection. Is that an issue? We were able to establish connection before the update.

That is likely the problem. I will investigate a fix for this. Unfortunately we were unable to test enterprise networks. Could you PM me details about your network if you are able to get that information. (network type, settings etc, not passwords/ssids)

Thanks, Connor. Unfortunately, my IT department with the school system is not willing to share any information about the network other than that it is an enterprise. We tried re-configuring the card, but were still had no luck. We were able to connect to the Farmbot network and enter credentials but it never actually connected to our internet.

I think our best bet is going to be to roll back to the old version. I am just going to disable updates for the school year so that I can keep it running consistently all year for the kids.

I have another question. If the Farmbot loses connection to wifi or the wifi network configuration is changed, how can I connect to the Farmbot’s Raspberry Pi to reconnect to a new wifi network (e.g. wifi password changes)? Is there a way to reconfigure the wifi settings without reimaging the OS?

Thanks so much for you help! The kids are driving me crazy to start programming and planting, so I am really hoping to have everything running for them to plant next week.