November 22, 2017 Software Update

We updated today with the following new features and fixes:


  • Improved multi-session support: stability and performance improvements for having the app open across multiple web browsers.
  • Added a dedicated Logs page to view and filter log messages by type. Access it via the link in the expanded ticker.
  • Changed many parts of the app to support the upcoming auto-sync feature.

Farm Designer:

  • Added a virtual FarmBot E-STOP visual indicator.

Farm Events:

  • Don’t display Delete button when creating a new Farm Event.


  • Dragging an item from the sequence list into a sequence will add an execute step for that sequence.
  • Adjusted styling of disabled sequence test button.

Sequences and Regimens:

  • Fixed sequence and regimen copy navigation/selection bug.
  • Fixed navigation bar bug caused by some sequence and regimen names.


  • Photo widget now auto-updates with new photos.

Today’s software release does not include an update to FarmBotOS.


How does that work @Gabriel? Maybe it is not supported with Chrome? Current frontend version: E9248108

Expand the log ticker at the top of the page by clicking on it, then click the FILTER LOGS link at the bottom of the expanded ticker.

Ahhhh you didn`t say that :wink: and the filter logs message is placed in the center quite unluckily, I oversaw it…

Could you please split my first question and the following thread into a seperate one, sorry for beginnning in the news thread.

How many log lines are currently displayed? Any way of expanding them for 1 billion lines or the like?

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