Partial Sync not working when Adding/Changing Sequence


I am running FBOS 7.0.1, Web App 6D9F18B7.

When I create a new sequence or update an existing sequence and click save, the changes are not getting synced correctly to the farmbot. When I try to run a newly created sequence, I get an error:

Could not find sequence by id: 22509

I can run the newly created sequence after I reboot the FB or after FB decided to do a full sync. It looks like there is an issue with partial syncs.

Is there a way to trigger a full sync somehow? That would make life much easier.

Not sure if this is related, I tried FBOS 8 before, but downgraded back to 7.0.1 as some things didn’t work.

@daniel Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating now.

@daniel I’ve deployed a fix to production. Please let me know if it does not solve your issue. Thanks again for the bug report. Have a great weekend.

Thanks! The issue is solved using version D386DEC1.

Have a good weekend,