Parts for people who missed the Kickstarter campaign?

I know this questions been answered before but not for a while and since the dates given any answers have come and gone I’d like to ask when the store will be open so that I can buy a farmbot board and a couple other parts that I need.
I missed the original Kickstarter campaign but I have managed to Cobble together a reasonable facsimile but would like to upgrade my system to the latest greatest version.
I did go through the BOM, and I have managed to get custom Nema 23 motors with the right encoders, but I’m a little worried that the 23’s being bigger than 17’s might not be supported, however, at the moment I’m looking at doing a desktop herb garden for my wife for Christmas, so I may start out with that and worry about the other later.
Anyway I’d like to buy one maybe two farmbot boards, possibly some Motors and encoders, I’d like to get a couple borescope cameras, and some other miscellaneous Electronics possibly a couple of brackets, etc.
Please let me know.
For anyone who’s interested, I need to take a look at the schematics for the farmbot board and try and work out some way to Port out the drivers for the steppers so I can use bigger Motors down the road.
If anyone’s already done the heavy lifting on that let me know.
If not I can certainly use some help.
Ultimately I’ll find my way through it and probably get some boards made up.