Physical Buttons Do Nothing

Aloha Farmbot Community

I have a newly assembled Farmbot Genesis and it would appear that the physical buttons for E-Stop and Unlock do nothing. The rings around the buttons are lit up and the Unlock ring flashes when the bot is locked, so it would appear things are wired correctly.

The E-Stop and Unlock software buttons do work however.

The only thing I could think of to try was to re-seat the cables to the breakout board as well as re-seat the breakout board on the Pi. Doing this didn’t fix the problem.

What else can I do to troubleshoot?

Did you set up the proper pin bindings?

Oh my. (smacks forehead)

Does it mention this in the setup instructions and I missed it?

Its written down in the software documentation page. Did you follow the instructions of this page while setting up?

I guess I must have glossed over it as it doesn’t explicitly instruct to set these buttons up.
Thanks for getting me sorted.