Plant status based IF conditions


I am currently doing tests on seeding and using the plant status to mark those plants already planted. To avoid double work for the bot, I would like to include a condition “IF status==planned THEN call seeding sequence”.

Is there a way to do this?

@jensGeorgsen The correct way to do this with the current version of the Web App is to create a filter-based group that only contains plants where status = planned:


We will eventually support the use of variables inside of IF statements. For the time being, all filtering must be performed via the use of filter selections.

If you are trying to do something more specific, please let me know and I can provide alternative strategies.

Thanks, @RickCarlino, this worked fine. I just was not aware that these group filters were dynamic (thought that once a group was defined it would be stable).

Both are possible. Here’s how you can remember:

  • If it was manually added to the group (by mouse click on the map) it will be added at save time
  • If it was added to the group via filtering, it will be added at run time.

That is to say, filter criteria are dynamic but manual additions are static.

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