Power supply v1.4

Hi to all community,

I am new here. I am a teacher and we are realizing farmbot in classroom. The objective is to build all ourselves and buy only the necessary.
We are facing some little difficulties. One of this is the power supply.
We don’t find the suggested one (Weho ip67 24v 12.5A).
Can someone advice me any other model that work properly for this project?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hello @ceko87

Sounds like you mixed something up a little bit. It could be either a 24V 6.25A (V1.4) or a 12V 12.5A (V1.3).

Here you can find the power supply in the official farmbot online shop:
24V Power supply (V1.4)

Always keep in mind that this power supply already has the right connector for your Farmduino.

@roryaronson @Gabriel
I suggested an edit in the Bill of materials list as i’ve seen that V1.4 wasn’t changed to 24V yet.

Thanks for the spot-on suggestion here in the forum @Ascend, as well as the suggested edit to the Bill of Materials - I just merged that in.