Pressing the Rise or Fall button moves the Z axis downward only

Pressing the Rise or Fall button moves the Z axis downward only.
When the Z axis cable is connected to the Y axis driver, the motor tries to move in the up direction (although the driver current should be adjusted).

Please, help me.

From the information you provided, it sounds like the Z axis driver direction pin might not be working. Have you tried the Y axis plugged into the Z axis driver? The next step would be to try a different Arduino. You could also make sure that the RAMPS board is fully connected to the Arduino, or try switching out the Z axis driver with another.

The Z-axis driver has already been replaced and tested. The problem is the same.
When the Z-axis cable is connected to the Y-axis driver, it moves to FWR / REV normal.
Please let us know how you can exchange Farmduino or make additional purchases [V1.3].
If I can find the schematic of the farmduino, I would like to try the soldering again for the part connected with the direction pin.

Have you tried plugging the Y-axis motor cable into the Z-axis driver? This would help rule out any Z-axis configuration or software issues.

The link to the Farmduino schematics is posted in the docs. You can also find the connection by following it back from the stepper driver. The direction pins on the drivers have a K next to them, labeled on the underside with DIRECTION.

Gabriel, Thank you for your kindness.

preparing for soldering, but the state is good for the naked eye.

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solved after repair… …^^…

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