Problem after software update

My farmbot was not working propetly. Was told I had an old software version. So we burned a new software version on the sd card. And wifi reset with configurator. Everthing ok. Untill 2 days later, the blue light started to flash again, farmbot is offline. What can I do?
Farmbot was my biggist bad buy in ages. Never worked properly. But bI was always optimic. In time I get him to work. But now I am fed up, tired. Thinking in selling him second hand. Can honestly say: as good as new, never worked. But hope I get help here and go on.



I logged in to your account. Your device reset itself because your account has automatic soft reset enabled. This is not a bug in the FarmBot software. If you have this feature enabled, FarmBot will go in to configurator mode whenever it loses network connectivity. This feature exists for customers that have mobile FarmBot installations on wheels.

I have disabled the setting so you will not see this happen again in the future. Because the setting was enabled, you will need to go into configurator again and enter your WiFi / account credentials. If you have other issues I would be happy to assist you in fixing them.

“AUTOMATIC SOFT RESET” is a commonly used feature at schools and universities, where the FarmBot will go in and out of different WiFi networks. In your case, it is a problem because it appears that you have very low WiFi strength at the installation site, leading to an early soft reset:


Compare that to a graph of WiFi strength for all other devices we have sold (global average):

You will notice that the global average for all users is near 60%, while your device never gets above 55% and more often hovers near the 40% mark. You will not have much luck operating a device at such low WiFi levels.

You should consider:

  • moving the location of your WiFi router closer to the device
  • Switching to Ethernet (Only Genesis models have an Ethernet port)
  • Purchasing a WiFi range extender.

Lastly, if you are still unsatisfied with the product, it appears that you are still within the warranty period. That means that you are still eligible for a refund under our refund policy. Custommer support matters should be directed to We do not discuss matters relating to purchases on the forum.


I had an dream. Growing vegatables and herbs even though I am gehandicapped. And are vegatables growing in my raised bed but have to water them every 2 days. But I believe in solutions. Have support from a software specialist and a hardware specialist, both professionals. Must be possible to get farmbot to work.