Problem with Regimes

I’ve created a sequence that is just a “take a photo” sequence. Then I wanted to setup a regime to run that sequence every 5 min’s every day. The first entry is to run at 00:05 (12:05 am). It gets added correctly. Then I adjust the time to run at 00:10 and add it. It gets added at 00:05 rather than 00:10 and the scheduler form changes the time back to 00:05. I try changing various fields like setting the sequence to “none” or changing the days to schedule and hit add, and it adds the same sequence - take a picture – at the same time 00:05 each time I try to add anything different. Here’s a snapshot of the display:

Can confirm this. Feels like the typed value in the Time field does not get saved and permanently resets to the default value 00:05 after clicking anywhere else. Maybe nothing too big to solve :confused:

I think this also could be posted on GitHub Issues.

@Ascend @bgmoon Thanks for letting me know about this one. I will take a look today and keep you posted on my findings.


Found the issue- it will go out in the next production release. Sorry for the inconvenience, folks!


@Ascend @bgmoon We have deployed the fix to this issue.