Problems all around

While I seem to be getting better with the software, we have many hardware problems and I’m growing increasingly frustrated with this product. We were slowed to get things up and running since I’m at a school and covid interfered a lot, but I would love to get this FarmBot actually planting something this year, but we have many problems with movement. Does anyone have words of wisdom that will help get this thing moving and planting? Any and all help is much appreciated. Thank you.

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They’ll probably need more info about particular issues to help much. What are the movement problems? Make sure everything is square/straight will help. :slight_smile:


@jebba is correct about getting everything square. When building a machine, even with the relative ease of a “kit”, the final performance of the Farmbot is based on the integrity of the building blocks - poor foundations in building this groundwork area can lead to a cascade of initially, seemingly unrelated, subsequent issues.
I suggest you go back to basics, and make sure that there is free and easy movement along every axis, with no bumps or other impediments to progress (preferably with the motors disconnected).
Start by measuring the diagonals of the X axis, if it it is square, the diagonal measurements will be very close to exactly the same. If they are not the same, then you will need to move one of the 2 rails for X in or out.
It is also important to have them level, using a spirit level, check that each axis is level, then check that the 2 end pieces of the X axis are also level - it is possible to have both sides of the axis level, but at different heights. Checking that the cross pieces on the ends of the X axis are also level, will make sure that both rails are at the same height.


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