Problems with farm bot's coordinate systems

I would like to change where the home position is for my farmbot. Unfortunately the software has built-in assumptions that don’t allow this.

Facing the farmbot, the default Home position is 0,0,0 which is leftmost in x and closest to us in y. For my layout, I needed to put the tools on the right-most side in x. But this means when the farmbot travels from home all the way across to where the tools are, there is enough error in positioning where the farmbot can’t cleanly pick up the tools. What I want to do is move Home to the right-most side in x. This means that the entire garden is now placed in negative coordinates. (So the right-most side is x = 0, the left-most side is x= -2700.

This works fine. The problem is the farm designer does not handle this coordinate system and requires that all positions are x greater than 0.

Is it possible to either remove the restriction of x being only positive and/or make the farm designer layout work with adjustable coordinates? Or can we “flip” the orientation of the x axis so that positive x direction is going left instead of right?

Have you tried the INVERT MOTORS (and INVERT ENCODERS) setting? Inverting the axis should accomplish the flip described.

Whoa! Good idea. I’ll give that a try.

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