Problems with the latest update 10.1.2

Hi there, I made a mistake and I updated to the latest OS 10.1.2 without first converting the “mark as” sequences as recommended in the update notes (I just did not notice that :()… Now, it seems that the overall FB is sort of unstable (get locked very often). Is it something related to my wrong update? What can I do now to convert all necessary sequences (I don’t see any “caution icon” next to my sequences).


@giovgiuf That does not sound like a problem related to MARK AS. It sounds more like a firmware settings problem.

Can you try this?:

  • Delete all MARK AS steps and replace them (this may seem silly, but behind the scenes it will replace old step data with new data)
  • Perform a “hard reboot” of the system. Do not re-start from the Web App, instead, unplug the power cabled for 10 seconds. This makes sure that the firmware has completely reset.
  • If the problem persists, try hitting the “REFLASH FIRMWARE” button in the device settings panel and performing another hard reboot.
  • If none of these work, please let me know. We can continue investigating. Again, based on your logs, it sounds like the issue is with the Arduino firmware rather than any sequence.

Other questions:

  • Have you recently reflashed or made changes to your tracks?
  • Is it the first time you are using the device in a very long time?
  • What version of FBOS were you running before you upgraded?
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Thanks… I’ll try