Problems with web app

can anybody help me

i can’t log in on the main page ‘’ the button to log in or create don’t work
same problem on ‘
i need to manualy type in the browser field ‘’ then i can log in but it seems to be
that not all functions work i can’t put in a divice name or UUID

nor i can save the steps per mm or lenght

{“params”:{“x”:0,“y”:0,“z”:0,“s”:10,“busy”:1,“last”:“none”,“movement_max_spd_x”:10,“movement_max_spd_y”:10,“movement_max_spd_z”:1 0,“pin0”:“unknown”,“pin1”:“unknown”,“pin2”:“unknown”,“pin3”:“unknown”,“pin4”:“unknown”,“pin5”:“unknown”,“pin6”:“unknown”,“pin7”:" unknown",“pin8”:“unknown”,“pin9”:“unknown”,“pin10”:“unknown”,“pin11”:“unknown”,“pin12”:“unknown”,“pin13”:“unknown”,“last_sync”:“2 016-08-11T21:17:44.079+00:00”,“movement_steps_acc_dec_x”:10,“movement_steps_acc_dec_y”:10,“movement_steps_acc_dec_z”:10,“method”: “calibrate_axis”,“movement_timeout_x”:10,“movement_timeout_y”:10,“movement_timeout_z”:10,“movement_axis_nr_steps_x”:“1”,“movement _axis_nr_steps_y”:“1”,“movement_axis_nr_steps_z”:“1”},“method”:“update_calibration”,“id”:“8f82644d-322c-48a7-aaa1-1f4b6d0ab68b”}

These are known bugs in the software (or just features not yet fully developed). Unless you are interested in helping to develop the software, we suggest holding off on using it until February when we plan to have all of the advertised features built.

If you are interested in helping to develop the software, please send me a message at and I can see how you might be able to help out!