Problems with X and Y axes

Hi all,

I am having trouble with the X and Y axes. Both axes seem lacking enough power to move.

The X axis stutters and the side with the motor pushes and pulls the the other side but the bigger problem is that it stutters and stalls. I’ve made sure the rails are level and that the gantry can slide as easy as possible.

The Y axis is unable to go up. It does go up a little but then drops like the motor can’t bear the weight.

You can see the behavior of both axes in these videos:

Any thoughts before I grab the multimeter and mess with the voltages?


Hey Alric! This is a well-known behavior, although the cause cna be manifold. For me, the issue was an incorrectly made connector on the encoder cable (pin positions in the connector did not match pins positions on the board).

I recommend you read through this forum post and see if pin-position checking is right for you :slight_smile:

I’ll check the pin positions and break out the multimeter. Thanks!

Adjusting the voltage on the steppers did the trick. Thanks!

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