Prospective buyer - why should I get a Farmbot?

Hello! I am looking into purchase a Farmbot for my backyard garden. I live in Boston, and I’m interested in the value of getting a FB. Thanks for your advice!!!

What influenced you to purchase a Farmbot?

Is the Farmbot worth the high price point?

Does it make sense to buy one if I live in an area with semi-harsh winters?

Thank you so much for the advice!

If you prefer to spend more time on your computer than outside, FarmBot is for you. Otherwise, just build the same garden bed and irrigation on a timer for far less money.

The main reason for owning a Farmbot was not the productivity. Building this machine up, understand how it works and even change functions so it fits all my needs.
You should be aware that the project is currently in development, so some functions are not fully working at this time. But the dev team is on fire and working every day to improve the software :rocket:.

When I built my Farmbot there was no kit to order so I had to buy the parts and make it all somehow fit together. So it took me a lot of time. With that experience I’d definitely choose to buy the kit instead of building it myself.

I’m living in Germany, the seasons are pretty short and unpredictable. This summer I moved the FB into a greenhouse so I can use it until late autumn. It’s hard to say if it makes sense for you. Obviously you can’t grow anything in your garden when there is frost or snow in your bed.


Thank you for the helpful comments!

To add to this question, is a farmbot kit easy to build and operate if you are ;

Inexperienced in gardening

Have no programming skills

Average domestic-level skills in assembling kits with clear instructions

Thank you

For me is that I hate to weed and water. I always think “am I watering too little or watering too much??”. I think there’s a real benefit case that is very undersold with those two simple aspects. It’s also the consistency of achieving those two things day in and day out. Better consistency, better results!! We have to continue to work on the cost though, sub $1k should be the target. At $500 (if we could find a way) almost everyone with a garden will buy or build one.

Its not everyday that you can literally buy more time for yourself and that’s the case for robots going forward. There’s also something very gratifying about growing your own food, cycling everything locally.


Your quote is a great way to analyze the cost/benefit of farmbot.


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Just be aware, that the current weeding does only work for the plants being in very “young” stadium because when the plants grow, the weed tool cannot make it between. Moreover I haven´t been able to productively use it, but maybe that is just me being too silly :slight_smile:

One of the things I’ve been witnessing in Ohio is noticing how densely people plant their gardens! I really don’t see them out weeding much but I think they are doing it in the evening or early morning. What do you think about a soft robotic lasso that we can drop over the weed then cinch and pull up after?