Question about the farmbot express MAX

I see a few mentions of a larger “Express Max” on the website, but there doesn’t seem to be one sold under products. Is this a longer bed farmbot or a wider farmbot? And is there a way to get one or create one by modding another kit?

@sciencetor2 you possibly missed this news item from FarmBot Inc.

Here’s a very helpful post from @RickCarlino which proposes 2 x XL kits ( independent bots ) as a possible MAX alternative . . He’s referring to Genesis but same ( I imagine ) applies to Express.


As @jsimmonds has mentioned, we had to cancel that product line due to low pre-sales.

A question that pops up a few times a month on the forum is “Can I add more tracks to create a DIY FarmBot MAX?” and then answer is “no” unfortunately- extra engineering is required and we did not generate enough sales to justify the research costs associated with modifying the design.

If you need to service a large area the best advice I can offer is to spread the workload evenly between multiple devices.