Question is a bug or By design feature Finding Home?

Hi everybody !

Question : To find home with Farmbot there are 3 possibilities, 1st when farmbot booting and option is “on”, 2nd by pressing buttons “find X, find y, find z”, 3rd by sequence.

What I notice is (it’s my question) when the farmbot boot, to find home, they use the value in “timeout”, by sequence they don’t use “timeout”, and by yellow button “find x, etc…” I’m not sure. Is it normal ?

The issue is when for any reason there is power outage, and the farmbot take more time than timeout in X or Y to find home, It will be not more accurate…


If it takes longer than the timeout duration to move an axis back to home, one option is to increase the axis timeout value in the Homing and Calibration section of the Hardware widget.

In the next FarmBot OS release, we have added a homing speed setting to allow adjustment of the movement speed used during Find home commands.

I agree, increase the timeout, but it’s workarround, why sometime it use the timeout and sometime not, depend who make command (by sequences or by device menu)

I will make more tests, thank you for your help.