Questions concerning the farmbot CLA

Hey guys,

i’ve some questions/remarks concerning the contributors license agreement (CLA) one has to sign in order to participate in the farmbot project.

1.) The CLA located here refers just to the farmbot-web-app project. So, do i’ve to sign a CLA for each farmbot related project (mq broker, webapp, os, …)?
2.) There is a second github account called Farmbot-Labs, as far as i can see it is currently not part of the CLA. But imho it should be :slight_smile:
3.) The LICENSE file is missing in the MQTT gateway project (and in some of the farmbotlabs projects too).

Could you please give me a short feedback on these points, i’ll ask my employer for approval to sign the CLA (or a modified version) afterwards. :wink:

Thx in advance!


Hey @livingst0n, thanks for bringing this up :slight_smile:

  1. I’ve updated the CLA page on our website to cover the active repositories we have at Because GitHub automatically checks for signatures on a per-repo basis, you will need to sign the CLA for each repo you want to contribute to.
  2. Repositories in FarmBot-Labs are not for public consumption. Any code in there is experimental stuff from our core team at FarmBot Inc and we’re not anticipating any contributions there. Once a repo in there is ready for public consumption and contribution, we will move it to the main GitHub organization.
  3. I’ve submitted pull requests with and files to all of the repos that were missing them. They should be merged in by tomorrow morning.
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