Questions on access point as a communication bridge for FarmBot

Hey Guys,

I’m excited to say that ill be uploading the final pictures on our mobile ED FarmBot unit with removable garden beds for student groups!

But first, I need a little help connecting our FarmBot to this access point that the school has given us. It’s a simple intranet access point just so that the FarmBot can connect to it and use as a communication bridge from say, my laptop to the FarmBot.

I thought it would be as simple as using my phones hotspot as a bridge but I cannot get the access point given by the school to connect and be used properly!

Thanks all!

Hi @Cjaramillogrows,
we don´t know which access point you would like to use and which problems you have, please give more details!

Hello @Klimbim.

Thanks for the reply!

The access point I have is a Cisco Aironet 1142 (

I have spoken to the IT guys here a few time and they’ve said that I need to give the FB its own IP address and then I can have the FarmBot use that at as communication bridge to the computer I’m using that is on the schools network (With the school network i cannot use the wifi/router combo as the communication bridge because of firewall restrictions and security protocols)

So basically, I have this Cisco access point in which i need to figure out a way to allow the FarmBot and my computer to communicate via the access point ( which is an intranet/not connected to the internet) while I’m using the schools wifi as the means to be able to connect to the web app.

Ive tried to go about the standard methods of launching the FB network, going to the config page, then searching for the access point. Ill enter the password in and then my credential information and hit configure, it goes to the “configuration is complete” web page but when i go to the web app it says my FarmBot is disconnected and then i try to rinse and repeat.

I’m not the best at networking so I’ sorry if I’ve missed some very important information needed to help me.

if there is anything else you need let me know! ill get that information for you.


If you are trying to connect FarmBot to the access point (AP) that is using your laptop’s (or computer) internet connection, that should work. Just be sure to connect (bridge) your laptop’s internet connection to the AP before trying to connect FarmBot to the AP, since FarmBot also needs internet access.

Hmmm :thinking: ok that would make sense. I believe thats been my issue is that i didnt bridge my computers pre-existing internet connection with the AP which would allow me to connect to the web application and send commands to my FB.

Thanks! @Gabriel

Ill test this out and report success or failure. :ok_hand: