Quick disconnect then reconnects

Hey guys,

Just finished building our FB v1.5. I’m noticing the FarmBot keeps disconnecting (under connectivity info) and then reconnecting. It’s super quick lasts maybe 10-15 seconds. haven’t been able to determine if it’s only when I move the FarmBot but it doesn’t seem to be.

Any known issues on this?

@Cjaramillogrows We’ve seen this happen a lot when people daisy chain too many routers together (usually because the device is far from an access point). We have not been able to identify a root cause yet unfortunately. Does that sound like your setup? Also, what does your WiFi strength look like?

Hey Rick.

gotta be that then.

Im at a school so i know they have a lot of different routers around campus and a boat load of AP’s. Sounds like that is the issue. Ever since we got the FarmBot a static IP through the district network I noticed this happened a lot. the WiFi strength is pretty bad. It was in the red but its in the green now with an average of 200ms ping. If I hardline the Farmbot think that will fix it?

@Cjaramillogrows I’ve never seen this happen on an ethernet connection, so it’s possible, assuming that there isn’t some factor other than WiFi at play.

What is the WiFi strength percentage shown on the connectivity widget?