Rain on the scarecrow, water in the box

After a few rainy and windy days and nights, I am noticing that the electronics box does get some water in it, albeit not much. Condensation is visible on the inside of the cover, and, upon opening, I observe a small amount ( a few cc’s) of water on the bottom.

Does anyone else observer the same? (I want to rule out this being a one-off problem)

I mentioned in another post (Feedback on our XL build - Adding pictures to the hardware documentation would be of great value (and other stuff)) that the box does not seem to close very tightly, and suggested that on the next revision the cover latches be shortened “just a smidge”.
However, it might be easier to just use a thicker gasket…
Just another thought…

Adding who I think are the relevant folks at FB…

The box is designed to keep rain out, though it is possible for condensation to form on the inside, especially if it is very humid out from rain or other weather.

In the nearly 1,000 FarmBot kits sent out thus far, we haven’t had any reports of electronics going bad due to condensation, so I wouldn’t think you have anything to worry about in finding a small amount of water in there. Even so though, you should certainly clean up what’s in there with a towel, and I don’t mean to imply there isn’t a first time for every type of problem.

To help make your lid seal a little tighter, you could try removing the gasket from the lid, putting some 1mm(?) thick material into the gasket slot, and then putting the gasket back in. Perhaps some cardstock would work, which you could cut to the right shape with scissors. This would effectively make your gasket thicker and allow the box to close more tightly.

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Big thanks for the reply. I kinda figured I was a one-off case as I believe The FB Team tests things out to very high standards.
I will spend a bit of time making sure all the spots are sealed and the gasket is in good shape.
I will then solve the “rain on the scarecrow” problem in true maker form - duct tape, crazy glue, rubber bands and three-part epoxy! (Just kidding…). I think adding/augmenting is a correct direction. I may see if there’s is weatherstripping at our local hardware store that I can just stick to the existing gasket.
Be well, and, as always, thank you for your time and advice!