Raised bed building for the FB XL

To FB Crew (and of course the FB community):

I might suggest the FB creates a set of building instructions for assembling a 10’x20’ raised bed. We are wip putting ours together, and the size and weight are magnified significantly compared to the 3’x6’ one described in the “supporting infrastructure” section of the hardware docs

We are building ours to a height of ~24 inches (2”x12” redwood), and the weight of the fully assembled structure will be over 600 or 700 lbs. The BOM is as follows:
2”x12”x10’ —> x4
2”x12”x20’ —> x4
4”x4”x3’ —> x12
(All wood sealed with Thompsons Water Seal)
3/8”x4” hot-dipped galvanized lag bolts —> x72
Small 3/8” washers —> x72
Large malleable iron hot-dipped galvanized fender washers —> x72

Add to this that if we assemble upside down, we then have to flip the structure without letting any weight transfer to the posts along the side close to the ground as this might cause those posts to break.

We are going to attempt to build ours at and in the plot. We will start at one corner, and level once assembled. I will let folks know how we do.

I built my XL upside down on my nearby deck and was worried about the whole weight issue when flipping it. I had 4 people help me flip it , rotate it and put it in place. It wasn’t hard BUT mine is 12 inches deep not 24 like yours. There was no risk of breaking posts off. I asked everyone to be careful not to to twist it all out of shape. The lack of XL specific build instructions confused me a few times. Instead of 6 posts I went with 12. Getting 12 holes to line up and be level was very tricky.

I should add it was an extra $300 in parts by the end.

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Good to know we were not the only ones who struggled with this!

We also used 12 posts - this was an easy call given the risk of bowing over time.

We built ours in and at the plot location. Moving a 600 to 700 lbs structure was not something that we wanted to try!
Leveling was a challenge, but we have a very near to level 24" high raised bed, and it looks impressive! We can’t wait to see what it looks like with a robot on it!

Costs stayed pretty much within budget - about $900 to $1000. Ours is redwood (sealed) with ornate fender washers.

I will post some pics and more detail on the construction effort when I have more time and a full-size keyboard!