Re-install previous software version

Our Farmbot is an integral part of the middle school technology education curriculum. However, for the past 2 months it has been down and not available for use as part of instruction. Requests for support from Farmbot have not been adequately responded to and the system remains unavailable for classroom use. Perhaps a return to a previous OS will solve the issue.

The firmware for my Farmbot is Gensis 1.3 and initial OS was 7.0.1. Since updating to version 8 OS, my system no longer functions correctly. I would like to reinstall version 7.0.1 and see if we can return to a functional system.

How does one go about reinstalling OS version 7.0.1?

Hey @JWells

I’m sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues with your bot. Follow the instructions in this Video tutorial. You can find the v7.0.1 .img file right here.

Please let us know if your bot is working again after reinstalling, so we can try to help you finding out whats wrong with the device.