Regimen Events Registered But Not Running

In the events tab, I can add a sequence directly, and my farmbot runs it successfully at the selected time. However, when I add a regimen following the guide, it adds it and its child sequences to the event schedule, but it does not run at the appointed time.

Secondly, I added an empty regimen during testing, and cannot delete the event. When I try to edit the event, I get a large “Page Error”. I cannot delete the event, and therefore the regimen, nor the sequences.

Any help for these two would be appreciated!

@DanJones Thanks for bringing this to our attention. A few questions:

  • What model and FarmBot OS version are you running?
  • Can I see a screenshot of the page error?

Hey Rick.
We are running OS 9.1.2

@DanJones I have isolated the issue for the UI problem. Thanks for letting us know about this. I will have more details (and a fix) shortly. You have identified a bug / edge case in the Web App.

Thank you!

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@DanJones You should now be able to see your farm event again without the page crashing. Were you using the API for third party software development or running a third party Farmware by chance?

The issue happened because one of your Regimens is still referencing a point that was already deleted. Usually, when you try to delete a point, the application will stop you from deleting it and instead provide a warning message that the point is still in use. Somehow, your account managed to have a regimen that was referencing a point that no longer exists (which is why the Farm Event panel crashes- it can’t find the point that your regimen references). I performed some database queries today and noticed that you were the only user across all accounts that had this issue. I am still unsure why it happened, but have a hunch that it is not a system-wide problem.

Please let me know if your Regimens start running correctly after this fix. I have not investigated this matter on the FarmBot OS side (which is where a Regimen execution problem would be, if it is a system-wide bug), but am suspicious it may have been related to the problems noted above.

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Excellent, it fixed the issue!
I was not using any 3rd party farmware. However, I might have broken it while testing how sequences, regimens, and events work, Ill keep this in mind when making future changes to the app.
Perhaps I found a way around that deletion check through a group or something like this? maybe I changed gardens. Besides that, Im not sure why it would have broken. I will keep you updated if I run into any similar issues. with this in mind, Ill take care to remember my steps!